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Contract Hire and Leasing Guide

PCP fair wear and tear guide
All Vehicle Contracts Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - PCP fair wear and tear guide
  • Guide to PCP vehicle return fair wear and tear.

    If you choose to return your vehicle under the terms of your PCP agreement the finance company they will expect the vehicle to be returned in good condition and serviced to the manufactures standard.

    Fair wear and tear is acceptable so to avoid confusion we set to define what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

    Windscreen and windows acceptable

    Surface chips with no spreading cracks

    Professionally repaired minor chips

    Windscreen and windows unacceptable

    Scratches and cracks in glass

    Stone chips with signs of cracking

    Windscreen scratches caused by faulty wiper blades

    Paintwork acceptable

    Stone chips on forward-facing panels, which are consistent with the age and mileage of the vehicle

    Scratches that can be polished out

    Small areas of chipping, including door edge chipping, provided that the base coat has not been penetrated and there is no corrosion

    Light scratches and abrasions up to 25mm long are acceptable, as long as they have not penetrated the base coat

    Paintwork unacceptable

    Excessive chips that affect the vehicle's appearance

    Scratches affecting the vehicle’s appearance

    Previous body repairs with poor colour match, ripples, preparation marks, visible over spray, masking lines or excessive dirt in paint

    Dents on high-profile panels such as bonnets and wheel arches

    Underbody damage that affects the vehicle’s structure or warranty

    Unprofessional repairs

    Damage caused by contamination such as bird lime

    Scratches longer than 25mm

     Door Mirrors acceptable

    Small marks not through to base coat or primer

    Door Mirrors unacceptable

    Missing, cracked, badly scuffed, damaged or not working correctly

    Lamps/Lenses acceptable

    Small areas of surface chipping

    Lamps/Lenses unacceptable

    Broken, damaged or holed lenses with minor chips affecting the vehicle’s appearance or the lamp’s performance

    Wheels and wheel trims acceptable

    Light scratches limited to less than 50% of the wheel rim

    Corrosion not caused by wheel rim damage

    Light scuffs on the rim edge of wheel trims

    Minor scuffing to the outside edge of alloy wheels and trims

    Wheels and wheel trims unacceptable

    Scoring and other damage to the wheel surface

    Bad scuffs and dents to alloy wheels or wheel covers

    Damage to the main body of the wheel

    Cracked or split wheel trims

    Interior inside the car acceptable

    Normal wear and tear to carpets, trim, upholstery and seat cover/trim

    Repairs of a high and acceptable standard

    Vinyl or hard plastic repairs of a high and acceptable standard

    Interior inside the car unacceptable

    Unclean and stained upholstery, including boot linings burns, tears or damage

    Smoking, pet animal odours or damage to trim from cigarette smoke or pet animals of any kind

    Damage caused by removing phone kits

    Burns or cuts to trim, seat covers, headlining and floor coverings, stains or permanent discolouration

    Removal of original/retro fitted items, for example DVD screens, all original in-car entertainment equipment must be intact and operate correctly

    Optional extras fitted by the manufacturer or dealer should be returned with the car unless otherwise agreed with the leasing company.

     Bumpers and trims acceptable

     Light scuffing to non-painted parts including the rear bumper from loading/unloading

    Minor damage/distortions up to 25mm with no paintwork damage

     Bumpers and trims Unacceptable

     Scratches, cuts, gouges, poor smart repairs, distortion that affects the vehicle’s appearance

    Boot Unacceptable

    Missing spare wheel, jack and other tools, if originally supplied

    Not stowed properly and not in good working order

     Tyres acceptable

    Correct size and speed ratings

    Minimum 2mm tread depth across all treads, including the spare

    Returned with a spare wheel or space-saver spare wheel fitted with tyres that carry the European Standard ‘E’ mark (or a complete tyre inflation kit)

    The minimum legal standard for tread depth and sidewall condition

    Tyre type, size and speed rating recommended by the vehicle manufacturer including spare

     Tyres unacceptable

     Uneven wear

    Incorrect speed rating

    Remoulds or tyres without a European Standard ‘E’ mark

    Any bulge, gouge, crack, cut, plugged or torn sidewall

    Under minimum 2mm tread depth across all treads, including the spare

    Incorrect tyre type or speed rating

    Mechanical condition acceptable

    No sign of abuse or neglect

    Brake discs free from damage caused from worn-out pads

    Up-to-date service history, with no coolant or other warning lights active

    Clutch, engine and gearbox with no excessive noise suggesting that a mechanical fault is present

    Free from damage to the underside, of the vehicle

    Serviced and maintained by a main franchise dealer or authorised repairer as soon as the service light illuminates

    Mechanical condition unacceptable

    Not maintaining or servicing the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations

    Work done by non-manufacturers authorised service centres

    Presenting an incomplete service history

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