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  • Top tips for British drivers when taking a break in France this summer
    Find out about the single carriageway speed limit and other road laws to avoid fines and possible vehicle impoundment
    This year, over 6 million UK drivers will me making their way across the Channel to take a well-deserved break in France.

    Many may not be aware that after a change in the law, there is a new speed limit of 80km/h (75mph) that was previously dropping from 90km/h (80mph) to for single carriageway roads. More than 500,000 Brits are caught by speed cameras in France annually, facing fines of up to £640 and in some instances, their vehicle could be impounded.

    Other road laws to be aware of when driving in France

    - It is illegal to eat while driving at the wheel; offenders face an on-the-spot fine of up to 50 pounds

    - It is illegal to put on make-up

    - It is illegal to read a map

    - It is illegal to listen to very loud music

    - It is illegal to use wireless earpieces or headphones (this also applies to bicycles and motorbikes)

    - It is illegal to smoke in a car if there is a youngster aged 12 or under in the vehicle, as well as smoking outdoors in children's play areas, even ones that are within motorway rest stops

    - It is a legal necessity to have alcohol breath test kits in their cars to avoid facing 80 pounds fine

    - It is a legal necessity to carry spare light bulbs, headlamp converters for driving on the right, a warning triangle, a high-vis safety vest

    - It is a legal necessity to display a GB sticker or number plate with an EU logo

    - Sat-Nav systems that detect speed cameras are banned, along with mobile phone apps; a penalty of up to 1000 pounds could be imposed regardless of whether the device is active
    All Vehicle Contracts Ltd Published: Jul 3 2018