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  • Take the TyreSafe test to find out if you are you tyre safe
    Unique website quiz is fun way to prove how much drivers know about tyre safety
    Motorists are being given the chance to demonstrate their tyre safety knowledge by taking part in a unique TyreSafe Test.

    Hosted on the website, the quiz is designed to be a fun way to establish how much drivers know about tyre safety and, at the same time, highlight the potentially life-saving information they need to be more familiar with.

    Those who complete the challenge will be ranked on a leader board, which records the correct answers and also the time in which the quiz has been completed. Participants can share their results via social media channels at the end.

    If they answer incorrectly, they will be shown the correct answer, and for those wanting more information on the topic, a button directs them to where they can find further details.

    Thanks to TyreSafe's wide-ranging library of materials, this information may be informative guides, or watching educational animations or videos.

    Once participants have filled any gaps in their knowledge, they're welcome to take the test again.

    Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said;

    "TyreSafe is continually seeking ways to engage motorists in the tyre safety message and the TyreSafe Test is an accessible and fun way to do just that. Those who don't score as highly as they think they should tap the 'More Info' button at the end and then have another try.

    "We hope all enjoy learning some potentially-invaluable safety advice along the way and wish everyone luck."

    For more information on tyre checks and to prepare for the test, visit
    All Vehicle Contracts Ltd Published: Oct 6 2017