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    Special Feature | Guide to Hybrid Vehicle options and Electric Vehicles - find out what car is right for you!
    Are you considering an Eco Friendly vehicle for your next car or van but are confused by the choices available?

    Here is a handy, no-nonsense guide and you can also search Electric and Hybrid vehicles on our new-look website to find your ideal Hybrid or EV - however you choose to fund it, we have some great deals available!

    All vehicle acquisition options are handily listed on the quotation page - you can select any of the below to find out and compare what is the best value right here by following the quotation link at the bottom of our Special Feature.

    Our Eco Friendly vehicle website quotation choices are segmented into the following groups for easy reference:

    - All Fuel Types

    - Diesel Hybrid

    - Diesel/Plugin

    - Elec Hybrid

    - Electric

    - Petrol Hybrid

    - Petrol/PlugIn Elec Hybrid

    Eco Friendly vehicle guide

    What is an Eco Friendly vehicle hybrid and how do they work?

    Hybrid vehicles are kinder to the environment than standard petrol and diesel engines are and driving one should save you money when it comes to running costs.

    A hybrid vehicle uses two (or more) types of power, like an internal combustion engine that will drive an electric generator to power an electric motor.

    These sources work more efficiently when the vehicle is driven at different speeds. Shifting from one to the other at the optimum time results in a great deal of energy efficiency; this, in turn, results in good levels of fuel efficiency.

    What is an Electric Vehicle (EV) and would it be right for me?

    An electric vehicle runs, as the name suggests, purely on electric charge. You may be concerned about the range in miles that an EV could run on full charge, but what is referred to as 'Range Anxiety' is something manufacturers have been working very hard on to improve.

    An Electric Vehicle EV could be considered if you ideally have off-road parking that allows a point to be installed for overnight charging, when the electricity tariffs tend to be at their lowest. Take stock of the distances that you are likely to travel and compare and quote on any Electric Vehicles that may meet with your requirements in a matter of seconds.

    What are the best top Hybrid and Electric Cars?

    There are already a plethora of great value Eco Friendly vehicles on the market, with the sector only set to expand further. If you would like to speak with one of the team, call 01902 353393 or click here to get your hybrid or electric vehicle quotation online now!.
    All Vehicle Contracts Ltd Published: Jul 4 2018