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Electric cars and vans for business, fleet and company car drivers | Special feature part 2

Go low Capital Allowances, Congestion Charges be gone & Keep away, BIK!

  • Electric cars and vans for business, fleet and company car drivers | Special feature part 2
    Go low Capital Allowances, Congestion Charges be gone & Keep away, BIK!
    In our Part 2 of our Special Feature Series, the spotlight is still firmly on electric vehicles, with this article taking a look at just how businesses and company car drivers in particular can save substantial amounts by changing their cars and vans to BEV's (battery electric vehicles).

    Making the change from driving a diesel, petrol or even a hybrid-technology vehicle to a fully electric one can save you some serious money.

    Here's how.

    Special Capital Allowances - Go low!

    Businesses can claim capital allowances when they buy vehicles that are used for business. This means that they can deduct the cost of the cars purchased to offset against profits before paying tax. A company can also treat the monthly rental for leased electric vehicles in the same way.

    The rate capital allowance on vehicles can be claimed depends on the car's CO2 emissions. For new cars purchased between April 2015 and April 2018, the full value of the vehicle can be deducted if the emissions are 75g/km or less. For cars bought after this date, the level to qualify falls to 50g/km.

    You can read more about capital allowances by clicking here.

    Congestion zone charge be gone!

    All-electric vehicles (EV/BEV) and eligible plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) qualify for a 100% discount from the London congestion charge;

    Lower your company car tax with an EV!

    Why pay more Benefit in Kind (BIK) Tax than you need to?

    As from 6th April 2020, electric vehicles will be exempt from BIK (Benefit-in-Kind) Company Car Tax. Drivers will be able to save substantial amounts of money on all environmentally-friendly vehicles - the lower the CO2 emissions are, the better!

    The table below shows the new bands and tax rates for tax years 2020 to 2023, for cars first registered from 6 April 2020.

    Company car tax bands from 6 April 2020 for cars first registered from 6 April 2020

    CO2 emissions

    Electric range

    2020 - 21

    2021 - 22

    2022 - 23

    1 - 50> 130012
    1 - 5070 - 129345
    1 - 5040 -69678
    1 - 5030 - 39101112
    1 - 50< 30121314
    51 - 54-131415
    55 - 59-141516
    60 - 64-151617
    65 - 69-161718
    70 - 74-171819
    75 - 79-181920
    80 - 84-192021
    85 - 89-202122
    90 - 94-212223
    95 - 99-222324
    100 - 104-232425
    105 - 109-242526
    110 - 114-252627
    115 - 119-262728
    120 - 124-272829
    125 - 129-282930
    130 - 134-293031
    135 - 139-303132
    140 - 144-313233
    145 - 149-323334
    150 - 154-333435
    155 - 159-343536
    160 - 164-353637
    165 - 169-363737
    170 and above-373737

    EV electric vehicle government grant - save £££'s!

    By going electric, you can benefit from a government grant towards the cost of the vehicle of up to £3,500 (35% of the purchase price). If you are leasing the car or van, we will have taken this into account to calculate your monthly payments - winner, winner!

    Go electric and save money. It's that simple.

    In any event, if you choose to drive an EV, you stand save in the long run. Electricity is cheaper than fuel, and servicing costs are less as there is no clutch or exhaust to worry about!

    Your council may offer free parking for EV's and remember that there are no congestion charges to pay - cars that emit under 75g/km CO2 will also pay less road tax in the first year.

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    Watch this space for our next EV feature article in a special series, which will include some special, limited-time contract hire and leasing offers on qualifying vehicles.

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    All Vehicle Contracts Ltd Published: Jan 30 2020